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About Wendy Bollard

Wendy Bollard

Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach

Wendy holds a certification in weight loss, life coaching and addictions counseling. She, like many of us, struggled with food and body image issues for decades. After losing 40lbs with the help of a mindset coach she did a deep dive into the psychology of eating and why we make the choices that we do. She loves sharing the tools that she has learnt and helping other people to successfully change their relationship with food and lose weight for good.

Wendy also holds a masters degree in theatre. She started and ran her own theatre company and has taught acting internationally. It was in the theatre that her true curiosity about human behaviour began. Wendy uses a curious approach with her clients, helping them to stop judging what they are doing and to start getting curious about why they do what they do. It is from this place that true change can occur.

Wendy is thrilled to be part of the Vitality Team and is looking forward to going on this journey with you.

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