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About The Weight Loss Practice

The Vitality Weight Loss and Wellness Institute is dedicated to providing compassionate and personalized care to overweight and obese patients, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to reverse medical problems and become healthy for life.

What about Insurance?

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Many people often ask us “Will my insurance cover this?” Yes! Being obese is a serious medical problem and therefore the consultation and follow up appointments are typically covered by most insurances, including Medicare. Many insurances also cover the cost of our classes which means they are FREE for you.

Vitality Weight Loss Care Difference

At Vitality Weight Loss and Wellness Institute, we are experts in weight management and nutrition. We are dedicated to not just helping you look and feel better, but getting to the root cause of your weight problems. We provide comprehensive medical care in a compassionate and patient-oriented environment.

Whereas most programs are focused on short-term solutions, gimmicky supplements or overly restrictive food requirements, the Vitality program is individualized to your specific needs and offers one on one private classes on understanding nutrition, psychology of eating, personalized meal plans, and meetings with the Doctor for long term success. The focus is just YOU and your health.


The Vitality Weight Loss and Wellness Institute is the largest multidisciplinary medical weight loss practice in Texas. You will meet with an entire team of professionals including board certified doctors, registered dietitians, personal trainers, mindset and behavior change coaches, a licensed professional counselor and we have cooking classes with a culinary dietitian. Change is hard, but with the support of our team of professionals, you will be unstoppable for success!

Ruby Shah, MD, and the weight loss experts use telemedicine to provide nonsurgical, personalized weight loss solutions for adults in and around Plano, Texas. They take an integrative approach to help patients understand their weight loss challenges, so they can successfully overcome them.

The in-house weight loss clinic provides sustainable solutions to help patients achieve a healthy body weight by making lifelong changes to their diet. The team works closely with individuals to create personalized diets and meal plans that meet nutritional standards. The registered dieticians also provide nutrition counseling services, so patients can learn how to make better food choices to support ongoing weight maintenance.

In addition to diet and nutrition counseling, Vitality Weight Loss and Wellness Institute provides one-on-one access to psychological counseling to overcome emotional eating, binge eating, and other challenges. They offer obesity support and can also address underlying depression, anxiety, and stress that make weight loss difficult.

The staff personal trainers design customized fitness programs to boost metabolism, build muscle, and support fat loss. Patients can also meet with the mindset coaches to learn how to set and achieve reasonable health goals.

Under the medical supervision of the qualified team, patients can successfully lose weight and keep it off for good. The team works together to customize fast weight loss plans and use Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved appetite suppressants to support healthy, safe weight loss.

Exclusively offered through telemedicine, patients are able to connect with staff through an online platform to access services. The team also offers a 24/7 online support group to keep individuals on track for weight loss success.

To schedule a weight loss consultation, call Vitality Weight Loss and Wellness Institute or book an appointment online today.

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