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FAQ About Weight Loss

Is Weight Loss Treatment Covered By My Insurance?

YES. Obesity is a chronic medical condition that is typically covered by most insurance, including Medicare.

How Do I Know If My Weight Is A Problem?

If your BMI is >25 then you are considered medically overweight putting you at higher risk for many medical problems and you should seek treatment to lose weight. If your waist circumference is greater than 35 inches (in females) or 40 inches (in a male) then you have abdominal obesity and should seek treatment.

How Are You Different Than A Nutritionist Or Dietician?

Obesity medicine specialists look at all the reasons people are overweight, ensuring you have comprehensive care that goes to the root of the problem. We do a thorough medical examination before you start your medical journey and routinely during your weight loss journey optimizing you for success. For example, one of your medications may be hindering your weight loss progress or perhaps you have an undiagnosed binge eating disorder. In addition, we focus not just on what you are eating but WHY you are making those choices. We address all the medical and psychological reasons for why people overeat.

Do I Need To Lose Weight If I Don’t Have Medical Problems Like Hypertension, Cholesterol Problems, Or Diabetes?

Yes. Being overweight or obese is itself a chronic medical condition that puts you at high risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and death.

Take a look at all the medical problems obesity is associated with on the “how being overweight or obese affects your health” tab.

What If I Don’t Have Time To Come See The Doctor?

While we recommend seeing the Doctor at least once a month, we also offer convenient telemedicine services, so you can speak to the Doctor or take our classes from the comfort of your home or office!

Do You Prescribe Medications For Weight Loss?

We do prescribe FDA-approved medications for weight loss and management of hunger as needed.

Do You Offer HCG Treatment?

HCG is not recommended for weight loss because it is not evidence and science-based. In addition, HCG can be harmful. The HCG diet is not endorsed by the American Board of Obesity Medicine. If someone recommends or offers HCG to you, run!

Do You Offer Classes On Nutrition For People Who Are Normal Weight?

Yes! Check our nutrition program link.

What If I Don’t Have Time To Cook?

We offer convenient, nutritious meal replacements if you are too busy to cook. Our meal replacements are medical grade and are scientifically proven to help you lose weight.

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