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Psychology of Eating Classes

Do you ever eat for reasons other than hunger? Do you find yourself turning to food when you are stressed, happy, bored, or upset? Rest assured, you are not alone! Lots of people tend to indulge in snacking and comfort food. Still, there comes the point where some individuals may be concerned about their eating habits and seek resources to help them change their mentality, lifestyle, diet, and overall health. That’s where Vitality Weight Loss Institute steps in!

What You Can Expect From Our Psychology Of Eating Classes

With our Psychology of Eating classes, our behavioral experts explore the relationship between food and our minds, as well as evidence-based practices to overcome related issues, including binge eating and food addiction. Whereas most weight loss programs focus solely on nutrition, our courses emphasize how essential it is to comprehend why we make the food choices we do. We believe a structured, feasible diet coupled with an informed understanding of personal eating habits is a critical combination in achieving long term weight maintenance.

An Education Compatible With Insurance

Since most insurance policies cover these courses, many can enroll in these classes completely free! This course is not only all-inclusive in it’s an approach to education and transformation — it’s designed for everybody, regardless if they are of average weight or overweight. All we require from our participants is the willingness and dedication to re-evaluate and ultimately improve their relationship with food.

A Program Tailored To Your Needs

Since we’re dedicated to educating everyone interested in learning more about healthy and unhealthy eating habits, we offer Psychology of Eating classes in both in-person and remote capacities. So, whether you desire one-on-one live private instruction in our clinic, or want to participate in the comfort of your own home, Vitality Weight Loss Institute is here for you. There’s nothing to lose — except inches off your waist!

“Why Do I Self-Sabotage My Weight Loss?” — Let’s Find Out!

This is the age-old question that seeks an answer to why we prioritize immediate gratification over long-term gain. This query and more are at the helm of our nuanced curriculum — a comprehensive education that dives into our reasoning processes in relation to our food choices. For more information about our Psychology of Eating classes, nutrition counseling, or weight loss meal planning, contact a member of our team at 972-366-4126 or fill out a contact form on our website today!

Weight Loss Program

Our weight loss program is a nonsurgical medical program catered to your specific needs. It offers an all-inclusive educational suite consisting of a nutrition course, a personalized meal plan, and behavioral therapy classes.

Nutrition Course

This one-of-a-kind program is the county’s only nutrition course jointly written by both an internal medician physician who specializes in weight management and a cardiologist. Learn about food’s role in your medical problems today!

Psychology Of Eating Course

Written and delivered by nutrition experts, this course sheds light on the psychology of our food choices — assisting you in getting to the root of the relationship that exists between our minds and our plates.

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