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About Camilla Rasmussen

Camilla Rasmussen

Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach

Camilla has a Bachelors Degree in Public Health and is an Advanced Certified Life and Weight Coach with certifications from The Life Coach School and Jody Moore. Camilla was drawn to coaching because her personal training clients were struggling with their own results and she saw that mindset was a crucial piece of the puzzle in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Camilla believes all our power lies in how we think about ourselves, our bodies, our relationships, etc. When we harness the power of our thinking our lives can improve. She has seen this happen in her own life and for many clients. One of Camilla’s favorite quotes is from Theodore Roosevelt who said “believe you can and you’re halfway there.” Camilla and her husband have 4 wonderful children (who sometimes have to remind her they don’t want “coach mom” right now). She and her family enjoy skiing (on water and snow), movies, traveling, and board games.

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