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What is Obesity?

Obesity is defined as excessive fat tissue accumulation that may impair your health. There are many ways of knowing if your weight falls in the healthy or unhealthy range, but the most common ways of checking to see if you are at a healthy weight are calculating your body mass index, or BMI, and waist circumference. If your BMI is >25 you are considered to be overweight and BMI >30 means you have obesity.

Did you know you can be obese even if you are at a “normal weight”? This is called abdominal obesity and even more harmful because it puts you at high risk for heart disease. A waist circumference of >35 inches in a female or >40 inches in a male means you have abdominal obesity. Another way of defining obesity is using body fat percentage. Men with a body fat percentage >25% are considered to have obesity. Women with a body fat percentage of >32% are considered to have obesity.

Obesity and weight issues are not just about a number on a scale. We assess your progress in several ways including checking your measurements every month to see how they are changing. You can also call our office for a FREE waist circumference and weight check at any time.

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