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Are you tired of trendy weight loss programs and gimmicks that just don’t work as well as they claim to? Want to try a science-based approach that uses the power of nutrition to help you lose weight and reverse the effects of certain chronic diseases? Great news: Vitality Weight Loss Institute has a comprehensive support team standing by to help you find a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about our no-nonsense weight loss program below!

Weight Loss Program

Instead of focusing your energy on short term solutions, gimmicky supplements, and unsatisfying dietary restrictions, we tailor our program specifically to your needs. Participants in our weight loss program have regular meetings with Dr. Ruby Shah, a double board-certified physician with the American Board of Internal Medicine and American Board of Obesity Medicine, in addition to a behavior change expert, a dietitian, a culinary specialist who teaches people how to cook easy healthy meals, and a personal trainer. Put simply, you will have a team of experts who are dedicated to your needs and goals. Take a look at the infographic below to see what is included in our Weight Loss Program:

Nutrition Classes

Vitality Weight Loss Institute is the proud home of the nation’s only nutrition course written by experts of internal medicine, obesity medicine, and interventional cardiology. Dr. Ruby Shah and Dr. Rishin Shah, two experts in nutrition and disease prevention, have spent many years studying how dietary choices affect our health, and that knowledge has been concentrated into our nutrition classes for your benefit!

Psychology Of Eating Classes

Do you ever eat because you are feeling stressed, happy, bored, upset, or any other reason than simply being hungry? Our Psychology of Eating class dives into the relationship between our bellies and our brains, offering scientifically proven ways to overcome issues like binge eating, food addiction, and more. Most weight loss programs focus strictly on nutrition, but our program also emphasizes the importance of understanding why we make certain decisions about food and our diets. Both concepts are critical to reaching your long-term health goals!

Did you know that most health insurance providers will pay for you to seek nutritional guidance? In other words, if your insurance covers it, you can receive private instruction from our weight loss experts for no cost at all! Call us today to learn more about Vitality Weight Loss Institute.

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