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The state of your mind is everything when it comes to your ability to lose weight and keep it off. Trying to lose weight without first changing your mindset is the reason why most people end up in a nonstop spiral of yo-yo dieting that can last a lifetime.

Simply put, the biggest obstacle preventing you from losing and keeping weight off are the obstacles that happen between your ears.

One of the most important components to weight loss lies within your mindset.
Intellectually, most people understand that a healthier diet and exercise will affect your weight and likely impact your health in a positive way.

We know weight loss requires us to take new actions. To show up each day and practice new habits that help improve our waistlines and our quality of life.

The problem is if you don’t understand how your mind plays a significant role in your weight loss, and the mindset needed to achieve sustaining weight loss, it’ll be very hard to lose and/or sustain any progress you make.

I always tell patients…. Trying to lose weight without changing your mindset would be like a doctor prescribing a bandage when your shoulder is out of socket. A band-aid or even paid medication won’t solve this problem. It’s not addressing the root cause of this problem. The shoulder needs to be put back in place.

Diet culture is brilliant at providing “bandages” when it comes to weight loss. The tools/actions to lose weight aren’t enough alone to keep it off. because this never addresses the root cause of why someone is overweight.

The root cause of over-eating and being overweight is lack of mind management.

You have to learn how to manage your mind and your emotions. You must strip away your limiting beliefs. You must undo years of diet culture programming and a bad relationship with food. You must cultivate a fierce desire for your goal over the desire the pleasure from food provides you. This takes practice and mental resilience.

This takes working with a mindset coach.

Essentially, working on your mindset with a coach is having someone who helps you to re-wire your current programming keeping you stuck in a body you no longer want to be in. A mindset coach helps you to align your mind in a way that executes your goal. It’s up-leveling your thinking in order to show up as the person who takes action to lose weight. New results will require NEW, consistent action. That is impossible without first changing your old, negative, THINKING cycles.

Having the right mindset allows someone to approach their obstacles and roadblocks in a completely different way. When you have the right mindset, no number of setbacks or obstacles will prevent you from reaching your goal. You will be unstoppable when you’re in a mindset that truly serves you.

When your mind changes, everythIng changes.

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